The 7th BNU Tournament of Experimental Science

Author:Chen Qinghua 2015-11-18

The 7th BNU Tournament of Experimental Science ended with success


On November 17, 2015, The 7th BNU Tournament of Experimental Science brought down the curtain with the warm applauses in room217 of Ying Dong Education Buidling in BNU. Deputy Dean of School of Systems Science, Mr.Han Zhangang, gave his address in the conference. He appreciated the enthusiasm and the spirit of exploration of the students and congratulated their achievements. Then, the organizer, Bertrand Roehner from Université Paris Diderot and Associate Professor Mr. Chen Qinghua from School of Systems Science presented the awards.


      This tournament attracted students from BNU and BUPT. There were 15 groups (53 students) in total who submitted report on time and participated the final defense and accreditation. Through secret ballot by review group, one first prize, two second prizes and three third prizes and several other prizes were decided. The review group included five teachers, who are Professor Bertrand Roehner, Professor Li Honggang, Associate Professor Chen Qinghua, Doctor Cui Xiaohua from School of Systems Science, BNU and Professor Li Haihong from School of Science, BUPT.