Professor Han Zhangang Elected Chairman of the Asian Committee of UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC) Program

Author:Xu Yikun 2016-02-24

       On December 7th, 2015, the UNESCO UniTwin Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC) Program held a council meeting during which a decision was made to include the directors of the African Area, the Latin American Area and the Asian Area into the Council.


       The vice president of the School of Systems Science of Beijing Normal University (BNU), Professor Han Zhangang was elected as the vice-chairman of the CS-DC Council as well as the chairman of the Asian Area and was mainly in charge of recruiting members, sharing resources to promote research and education in the Asian Area and increasing scientific research exchanges between theories and practices among scientific community who study complex systems through e-events.


       UNESCO decided to officially launch the UniTwin/UNESCO Chairs Program on the 26th conference in 1991. This program promotes inter-university cooperation and takes advantage of the fields of competence, i.e. in teaching, training and researching of higher education and research institutions to promote the rapid transformation of knowledge and technology and to narrow the knowledge gap between developing countries and developed countries. The program also promotes the development of higher education in developing countries, especially the least developed countries to achieve the internationalization of higher education and to reduce brain drain through exchanging programs between the institutions.


       The CS-DC Program facilitates the researching and teaching of the complex systems science and integrative science through collaborative work and resources sharing. This large-scale collaborative work will embody social intelligent strategies towards new scientific and educational practices, dealing with challenges in science, society and environment of this increasingly interconnected world. Today, there are more than 100 higher education and research institutions involved in CS-DC Program over the globe.


       As one of the founder members, BNU will devote itself to promoting the development of this program in the Asian Area.