Beijing Fund Office Came to BNU for Research

Author:Zeng An 2016-04-15


In order to make better use of and dig into the data of Beijing Natural Science Foundation Project, the director of Beijing Fund Office, Wang Hong, came to School of Systems Science, Beijing Normal University to conduct a research along with related personnel. They made an in-depth analysis on the technology and method of fund project management and evolution in an age of Big Data. Managers and related researchers from Scientific Research Office of BNU and School of Systems Science participated in the forum.


Director Wang Hong introduced the general information and challenges of the fund in the aspects of results tracking and systematic evaluation. Doctor Zeng An of School of Systems Science, BNU conducted a lecture on “Scientific Citation — Information Mining in Network”. The lecture covered issues like the ranking of thesis influence, the mining of scientific research competitiveness, the evaluation of article correlation and the prediction of future research hotspots, etc. Zeng also introduced the implementation strategy to adopt research method of complex networks. Then, participants discussed on issues like the overall performance evaluation on fundamental research, the objective evaluation system of implementing status, the project’ contribution to the growth of talents, data structure of final report, etc.