New Semester, New Beginning: School of Systems Science Successfully Completed Welcoming New Arrivals

Author: 2016-11-16

        A new start projects a new journey. Fully prepared for welcoming the new arrivals, Beijing Normal University received a large number of new students on September 4th, 2016. The campus was therefore bustling with activity.


       To welcome the new arrivals, our volunteers were well prepared early in the morning. As the new students arrived in succession, our volunteers explained patiently to them about registration procedures and helped them go through the formalities. These volunteers inherited from School of Systems Science the spirit that is precise, down-to-earth, dedicated and gregarious.


       Meanwhile, Secretary Liu Chuansheng and President Dong Qi visited our registration booth and had in-depth communication with Di Zengru, dean of School of Systems Science. They got to know how enrollment and talent cultivation were going on in recent years, fully affirmed the disciplinary advantage of systems science and the charm of interdisciplinary subject, praised the volunteers for their passion and dedication, and inspired all our teachers and students to make persistent efforts. Under the joint effort of all the departments of School of Systems Science, welcoming new arrivals came to an end successfully in the afternoon.


       The Graduate Student Union of School of Systems Science held a tea party at 6 p.m. that day. Head teacher Li Yinyun delivered a speech in the first place, inspiring all students to have dreams and aims. Then it went self-introduction, allowing students to know each other. Also, the game “Breaking the Ice” after that further enhanced the communication and understanding between students. The last easy and enjoyable board game helped establish a more intimate relationship between freshmen and seniors and also helped the new students of 2016 spend their first warm, relaxed and joyful day in School of Systems Science.


       Interdisciplinary subject has its own unique charm. Systems science grants interdisciplinary subject with vigor and vitality. With the injection of new emerging forces, School of Systems Science will be better and systems science will have greater impact. The joint effort of all our teachers and students will surely create a brighter future.